Emin Mahrt

German-Turkish Guy

As the founder of a publishing media company (proud), a Restaurant (Beuster) and two tech start-ups: Dropspot and Abend, Emin has been an active entrepreneur since 2008. He managed millions in VC funding as the CEO of Abend AG in Luxembourg and is a C-level IT product and Engineering Manager. Within the Blockchain space he is an early adopter of Bitcoin in 2011/2012 (arbitrage trader), an ex-Bitcoin miner in 2013, and investor in Ethereum in 2014. He is the founder of the Blockchain consulting and advisory firm CRYPTOCURRENCY OÜ, which performs the chief operating management for for æternity Blockchain in the Principal of Liechtenstein since early 2017. He co-founded Missing Link a co-working space that hosts meet-ups and helps Berlin based tech companies to recruit and hire high-class developers.

Emin Mahrt, Naunynstr. 27, 10997 Berlin • USt-IdNr.: DE304396664 • VAT: 14/430/62860 • IBAN: DE42100500006010912952 • BIC: BELADEBEXXX